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James Cui Editorial

Clarity. Insight. Grace.


Line Editing

  • Style and tone/voice

  • Readability

  • Word choice

  • Sentence structure

  • Logic & organization



Developmental Editing

  • Strength & coherence of argument

  • Suitability of evidence

  • Structure: keep, cut, expand, or move?

  • Length




Copy Editing

  • Grammar & mechanics

  • Formatting

  • MLA, Chicago, AP, house styles



  • Schedule a Zoom or phone call to discuss your project






$75/half hour, $125/hour


  • Humanities & Social Sciences scholarship

    • English​ & Comparative Literature

    • Film & Media Studies

    • Art History

    • Anthropology

    • Critical Theory / Materialist Philosophy

    • Gender & Sexuality Studies

    • World Languages / Ethnic Studies / 
      Postcolonial Studies

    • Education

    • Labor Studies

    • & more

  • Projects that are interdisciplinary, formally experimental, and/or uniquely structured

  • Working with writers for whom English is not a primary language

  • LGBTQIA+ inclusive writing

  • Business & technology writing, data-driven analysis

The Process

The Process

  1.  You reach out to James via email or by filling out his inquiry form.

  2.  James replies to schedule a free initial phone or Zoom consult (15-30 minutes). 

  3.  During the initial consult, you and James discuss in greater detail your project, the services you’re interested in, your timeline, James’s process, and his typical fee range. 

  4.  You send James the full manuscript, word count, and any reader reports and/or notes you’d like to share. 

  5.  James replies within 48 hours with a proposal, including proposed scope of work, timeline, & final fee (and a sample line edit if applicable).

  6.  Once you decide to move forward, James draws up & sends you a contract and invoice for a 25% initial deposit. 

  7.  You submit the signed contract and initial deposit within one week.

  8.   🪄 Editing magic, roughly 20,000 - 25,000 words per week 🪄

  9.  James submits the edited manuscript, any other deliverables, & invoice for remaining fee by the agreed-upon date. 

  10.  James’s remaining fee is due one week after final submission of the edited manuscript. Option to book further consultation and/or editing work. 



"James Cui's developmental editing was, in a word, stunning. I began the process expecting grammatical feedback and ended up with structural writing advice that surpassed just about anything I've ever received as an academic. James committed so deeply to this book, and contributed enormously to its argument as well as its flow and organization. The manuscript is now immeasurably better, and James was a joy to work with personally at every step."

Associate Professor,
Publishing with 

Duke UP

Developmental editing

"I have had three books and over 20 articles edited over the last 25 years by some notable presses and journals including Univ of Chicago, Princeton and PMLA. The work of James Cui makes me want to put 'edited' in quotation marks. He is the editor we all want and need: from the level of the sentence to the level of the argument, James pulls the text into shape, pointing out weak spots, organizational snafus and sections that might best be deleted altogether. Sentences move, and paragraphs get tweaked and suddenly the whole thing makes much more sense. You feel intellectually understood. Like an intellectual therapist, James brings the argument to the surface so that the author can face it, and work on it, with a feeling of confidence and even happiness."

Publishing with Cambridge UP

Line editing

Featured Books




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James Cui is a freelance editor, writer, and educator, raised—and schooled—in north Jersey. He received his PhD in English with a graduate minor in LGBT Studies from Cornell University in 2014. Since then, he has edited academic works of all lengths, public policy reports, creative nonfiction, and more. In his free time, James can be found at the cinema, on the dance floor, at the climbing gym, or talking late into the night with friends old and new. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his beloved border collie mix, Camilla.



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